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For more than 12 years, LETS Int., has established a reputation as one of the finest Officer Protection Training institutes in the world. With offices in Hong Kong, Europe and the USA, LETS Int., offers courses in Officer and Hostage Survival & Civilian Defense Tactics / Aggression Management training tailored to your specific requirements, at our HQ sites or in your own facility.

LETS Int., has been responsible for formulating and presenting more than 12 years of Police Officer and Special Forces training and has received Police Academy citations and numerous personal testimonials from officers who have survived deadly force encounters using LETS Int., defensive tactics.
Civilian clients range from Virgin Express Airlines to local Scout\Guide leaders & Ladies Self-Defense classes as well as special Children’s classes.

How you train is how you act under stress!
All LETS Int., courses are scenario-based, and are feature combat-proven techniques making use of the vulnerable areas of the human body plus the ‘rules of combat’ – the physiological and psychological factors which ensure survival in even deadly force encounters!
We do NOT teach martial arts techniques! These are frequently weakened safer versions of real combat tactics and as such are generally too complex and not fast nor effective enough to
ensure the safety of the officer.
Our methods are ‘field-tested’ by serving police officers and by anti-terrorist special groups, as well as by reputable security agencies, and testimonials are available. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

LETS provides practical & effective officer protection, arrest and control procedures which are used daily in Police Forces and Special Forces around the world. Easily integrated into existing training regimes, LETS techniques have a formidable record of success over many years!

If you are an officer and want to continue your training, Kissaki-Kai has been teaching Law Enforcement techniques to the police and special forces for over 10 years.

Courses available for groups and individuals.

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