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Please ensure you have read the affiliation options and obligations for Full and concept schools as per the below before proceeding, all affiliated schools must comply with the license obligations before application. Read the below and then proceed with the application

(i) The following details requirements to become a Kissaki-kai Concept school.

These requirements may be tailored to suit the needs of members if mutually agreed by Kissaki-USA and the prospective school.

Obligations to Kissaki-USA
1. An initial School fee of $20 is required to resister the Dojo
2. All instructors of the dojo pay membership fee of $25/ year (see memberships)
3. A suitable list (spreadsheet) record of students, their rank and age must be supplied. Emails are also requested of students to provide copies of newsletters, seminar announcements and upcoming events.
4. Provide support, and attend seminars, camps, and special events is encouraged for all students training in Kissaki-kai. Instructors or qualified assistant instructors are expected to attend at least one Kissaki-kai event or seminar a year.
5. The instructor or a qualified assistant is required to join the long distance learning program to ensure understanding of the fundamentals of Kissaki-Kai. This is also a great resource to use for drills, bunkai, and other class related material.
6. Adherence to the kissaki-USA syllabus is recommended. This provides expectation levels for each rank and a proven learning structure. The syllabus is meant to be a guide and is customized to fit with the school’s base system.
7. Adherence to the Dojo and instructor’s code of conducts are required. We will not tolerate conduct that is unprofessional or endangers students.
8. All instructors will be on a 2 year probation period which their compliance with the requirements will be monitored prior to be accredited to full kissaki-kai instructors. At which time instructors and students can take a placement test and receive full Kissaki-kai rank and credentials.
9. This program involves on site visits by kissaki-kai instructors and invites to train at the hombu dojo. Fees for these services are based on specifics of the mutually agreed program prior to v.
Benefits of a Kissaki-USA Concept school
1. Certification and recognition of all ranks by Kissaki-Kai Karate International. Current ranks will be recognized, but members will be expected to eventually gain Kissaki-Kai Rank.
2. Assistance in implementing the Kissaki-Kai principles based syllabus into schools existing dojo syllabus
3. Membership License Identification and seminar history booklets
4. Availability of Kissaki-USA Head instructors to instruct at the member dojo
5. Eligibility to participate in Kissaki-kai Karate instructor training programs and LETS training courses
6. Access to the kissakiUSA Website instructor links, Newsletters. (
7. School listed on the kissakiusa website, and Kissaki-USA email address

(ii) The following details requirements to become a Full Kissaki-Kai School

After the two year probation period the school is eligible to become a Fully Certified Kissaki-Kai School. Full membership requires the instructors and students to be active supporters and members of the organization. This type of membership does not preclude affiliations with other organizations; we openly welcome all styles and organizations, however all members are expected to adhere to the requirement set forth for rank and etiquette. Kissaki-Kai runs on simple principles of honesty, friendship and solid training.
Benefits of Full Kissaki-kai School
1. All previous benefits stated continue
2. A seat on the kisskai-USA board meetings, planning meetings, and quarterly conference calls.
3. Instructors are Accredited as Full Kissaki-Kai instructors.
4. Discounted rates to Kissaki-kai sponsored seminars, trainings, and special events
5. Preferential availability of Head Kissaki-kai instructors to instruct at member dojo.
6. Availability to host a Kissaki-kai Camp (larger seminar with multiple instructors)
7. Discounts to Kissaki-USA merchandise.
8. Our enduring friendship and the promise of hard training when we get together.

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