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It’s simple: Modern karate has become a sport, using techniques which win championships at competitions, where rules and regulations prohibit the use of real, effective techniques. However, when you are being attacked in the street there will be no referee present, who shouts ‘STOP’. ‘Real techniques’ and ‘real karate’ therefore have to incorporate the often forgotten and neglected reality aspects of the martial art that karate was once intended to be.

‘Kissaki Kai is not like fighting an opponent, it is an execution.’

At most, many karate schools boasted that they were champions of this and that competition, and they were just that, champions of a competition, where rules and regulations prohibited the use of real, effective techniques in the sporting arena. And rightly so, as these techniques were highly dangerous and some even lethal when applied properly.
If you have trained for many years and are not the fastest competition puncher in your club anymore, Kissaki-Kai can offer you meaningful applications and techniques that do not rely on youthful speed and strength alone.